About Me and What I Do

     I am a New York based fine art photographer, writer and magic maker specializing in dark, ethereal imagery that celebrates the eccentric, strange, and undefined.

     I grew up in Brooklyn, NY and recently relocated to the Hudson Valley. I merge city grit with the softness of the natural world and infuses my imagery with elements of magic and surrealism. I create from imagination, intuition and personal experience, gleaning inspiration from my own story and the stories of others. I lend my unique perspective and unconventional approach to businesses and individuals seeking imagery to complete a personal or professional vision.

     Every piece of art I create is intentional, layered and original. I focus on aesthetic vision but also take time to listen and connect; I am interested in getting to know you and providing you with a powerful visual story that embodies who you are, what you do and what you want to say to the world.




Rogal Art Gallery, Selections from Dans le Bois, New Paltz, NY 2018

Jalopy Theater and School of Music, Group Show, Brooklyn, NY 2018.

The Dram Shop, Selections from Mourning Catatonic, Brooklyn, NY 2017

Jalopy Theater and School of Music, Solo Exhibition; Mourning Catatonic, Brooklyn, NY 2016

Gruber Untapped, Pop-Up Group Show, New York, NY 2014


Sabat Magazine, Artist Feature, Reminiscence, 2018

The Village Voice, Photo Feature, New York, NY 2016

One Frame Magazine, Feature, 13 Photographers, September Issue 1, 2011