One of my biggest joys is creating custom pieces based on a collaboration of ideas and visual goals. Whether you’re looking to create album art or promotional materials, add art to your home, adorn the walls of your business, or bring a sentimental vision to life, I can guarantee a rewarding, personal experience.

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Conceptual Portraits

Portraits are mirrors and reflections of things unseen. A successful portrait depicts the essence and truth of the moment and tells a story. Do you have a story to tell? A visual fantasy you’d like to enact? Are you interested in exploring and celebrating your unique beauty?

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Empathic Photography / Coaching

Embrace your darkness.

Speak your truth.

Dispel shadow shame and take a step towards healing through collaborative exploration of self.

Photography is a creative outlet, a mirror and an exploration of humanity, of the relationship between light and dark, of pain and frailty, and most of all, a reflection of the beauty that emerges from our shadows. Art is a provocation of emotional connection and awareness. Whether the perspective is viewer or creator, art is a mode of self-discovery and recovery.

It’s difficult for many of us to accept the dark elements of who we are. We live in a world where suppression and rejection of these elements is encouraged and we are made to believe that we should be ashamed and embarrassed by our pain. But the truth is that in dismissing and invalidating these feelings, we give them more power, sabotaging potential for growth and healing.

I’ve found that embracing my darkness and translating it into a photograph allows for release and creates space for light to come in and for balance to be restored. My work is cathartic and enables me to channel my pain creatively and I want to extend this process to you. I want to hear your story and create an image that is a representation of your personal growth and a symbol of transcending your fears by speaking your truth.

The Process

*Schedule a 30-60 minute Skype, FaceTime or phone chat and tell me your story. These calls will be completely confidential and I will not share any information you share with me without permission.

*Once I have an understanding of who you are, how view yourself and how you perceive your environment, we can schedule a portrait shoot. The location, styling and timing will be a collaborative effort to ensure your comfort.

*If you are not able to meet for a portrait session, I can work on an image that will be a still life/ landscape/abstract photograph. You can also choose to send me self-portraits or images taken by another party and I will layer them onto your custom image.

***You must be willing to open up and feel comfortable sharing your thoughts, feelings and struggles. I will be asking you questions and directing our conversation and for this process to be successful, there must be full honesty and a true desire to delve deep into your inner darkness. This is a judgment free zone! I am here to listen, support, and create something beautiful.

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Disclaimer: As a creative and spiritual coach, I work as a guide and facilitator. I am not a licensed mental health professional. This work is of a creative and spiritual nature and is not meant to act as or replace medical or psychiatric treatment.